Cape and Coast Is THE Best

NOTE: Before going further, know that if you are renting from Cape and Coast, you are in GREAT hands. They will take good care of you.
We rented Magnolia at Secluded Dunes for an early June 2019. This house has one of the most stunning beachfront appearances with its scoop rooftop. The living room has soaring two story views, and you can easily see to the beach from inside the house. Those large windows also come with power shades, so you can keep the sun out at times as well.
This is the largest home we’ve ever stayed in (7 bedrooms). The kids all had plenty of room, and those in the bunk rooms noted the mattresses were quite comfy (sometimes bunk room beds are not comfy).
The location is very secluded. We saw only 2 or 3 other families nearby, and since the park was heavily damaged during the hurricane, there is not much foot traffic coming down from the state park. We really felt like we had a huge patch of beach to ourselves. It’s nothing like being at Orange Beach or elsewhere where it’s wall to wall people.
The house worked well. The kitchen, living, and dining rooms were all updated recently, and the open floorplan is great for families. The kitchen has a WONDERFUL icemaker. It conked out during our trip, but Cape and Coast immediately sent a repair man, and he had that sucker up and running in minutes (they do take care of you WONDERFULLY). The fridge is a new Samsung with a convertible space (can be freezer or fridge), and I had to look up how to activate to freezer as it wasn’t intuitive (but that’s what Google’s for). The kitchen is well equipped. There are PLENTY of plates, utensils, pots, pans, and more. The only thing we brought was our Margaritaville machine.
Home has great outdoor space with loads of parking. Beach access is easy up stairs to deck and down to beach. Home has great AC and comfy beds and furnishings. If you need a big home, this one will work!


Cape and Coast Vacation Rentals
433 Cape San Blas Road
Cape San Blas, FL 32456


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